ABIMS FERTILITY UPGRADES ITS FACILITY: Pioneering Excellence in Reproductive Health and Diagnostic Services

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ABIMS FERTILITY UPGRADES ITS FACILITY: Pioneering Excellence in Reproductive Health and Diagnostic Services

Tribute to a Fertility Diagnostic Icon on his Birthday

Today, 21st August 2023 is the birthday of Samuel Kehinde Wojuade and the best time to celebrate this icon of fertility Science in the Diagnostic Sector. These are what you should know before we roll out the drum for the man commonly call Andro-Chair

In its unyielding commitment to revolutionize medical laboratory services, ABIMS FERTILITY has embarked on a groundbreaking journey of facility enhancement. Nestled in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, ABIMS FERTILITY AND ANDROLOGY has taken a remarkable stride forward by introducing state-of-the-art technology and bolstering its suite of comprehensive diagnostic services.

Visionary Leadership

Under the astute leadership of Kehinde Wojuade Samuel, a distinguished certified fertility scientist and chemical pathologist with over 25 years of invaluable experience, ABIMS FERTILITY has risen to the pinnacle of excellence in fertility diagnosis and evaluation. As a Fellow of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria and an Associate Member of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, Mr. Samuel’s profound expertise has guided the facility towards delivering exceptional medical laboratory services.

The Andrology Laboratory: A Hub of Cutting-edge Technology

ABIMS FERTILITY’s Andrology Laboratory stands as a testament to cutting-edge innovation. Equipped with the marvels of modern technology, including the Wondersperm Computer Assisted Sperm Auto Analyzer (CASA), LENSHOOK X1 PRO, and SPERMOLYZER, this laboratory unveils a new era in reproductive health diagnostics. These advanced tools empower our skilled professionals to perform an array of intricate tests, ranging from sperm DNA analysis to sperm morphology assessment using the strict Kruger criteria method.

Comprehensive Fertility Department

The Fertility Department at ABIMS FERTILITY is a beacon of advanced diagnostic techniques that transcend conventional norms. Utilizing the chemiluminescent technology for hormonal assays, the department expeditiously analyzes male and female fertility hormones, facilitating fertility profiling and hormone assessments such as AMH, thyroid hormones, and estradiol. The department’s commitment to rapid turnaround times, often within 40 minutes, showcases its dedication to timely and accurate fertility diagnoses.

Holistic Medical Laboratory Services

Beyond its prowess in fertility diagnostics, ABIMS FERTILITY boasts a comprehensive Medical Laboratory Department. With a comprehensive repertoire of laboratory tests encompassing blood, urine, stool, and body tissues, this department plays a pivotal role in disease diagnosis, treatment, and management. Offering an extensive spectrum of tests, from blood counts to kidney and liver function assessments, as well as tests for diseases like HIV, VDRL, Malaria, and Typhoid, ABIMS FERTILITY ensures holistic healthcare support.

The Dawn of a New Era: The Snibe Maglumi 800

As a testament to ABIMS FERTILITY’s unwavering commitment to innovation, the facility has welcomed the Snibe Maglumi 800 into its array of cutting-edge technology. This new acquisition elevates hormonal assay capabilities, enriching the facility’s diagnostic prowess and reaffirming its position as a leader in reproductive health and diagnostic services.

Vision and Mission: A Roadmap to Excellence

ABIMS FERTILITY’s vision to revolutionize medical laboratory services and become the premier provider in the field is underpinned by its unwavering mission. The facility is steadfast in its pursuit of delivering exceptional medical lab services through expert professionals, advanced technology, and evidence-based practices. By empowering individuals with accurate diagnostic information, ABIMS FERTILITY continues to enhance patient care while constantly refining its services and client experience.

In its pursuit of excellence, ABIMS FERTILITY stands as a beacon of transformative healthcare services, dedicated to redefining the landscape of medical diagnostics and reproductive health. Through visionary leadership, technological innovation, and an unrelenting commitment to patient care, ABIMS FERTILITY has indeed upgraded its facility, ushering in a new era of excellence.