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The Colloquium organized in honour of Dr Toyosi Yekeen Raheem by the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN), Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) chapter on the 16th August 2022 attracted people from all walks of life.

The theme of the day was “Visibility from Obscurity: MLS & I” by Dr Toyosi Y. Raheem, the 12th AMLSN National President. The Chairman of the day was Air Commodore E. A. Akinwale (Rtd) fss and the Co-chairman was Mr Olumide Fadipe, the Chairman of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria AMLSN Lagos Branch..

In his presentation, Dr T. Y. Raheem took the audience round his journey of life. His humble beginnings in Iseyin and how he climbed the ladder of AMLSN politics from being  the Chapter Secretary to the National President. He thanked God that a product of Local Authority Primary School Oke Esa Iseyin is now a PhD holder and an Associate Professor.

As a product of the School of Medical Laboratory Science University College Hospital (UCH), my attention was drawn to the portion where T. Y. Raheem submitted that our own Boss in the school,  Mr Moses Ogunkunle inspired him to join the profession.

According to Dr Raheem, the confusion running in his mind on which course to study after secondary school was arrested when his friend named Yinusa came to his house and told him that one of their seniors, Moses Ogunkunle was a student of SMLS UCH.

According to him, ” Bro Moses Ogunkunle was in Form 5 while we were in Form 3 at Iseyin District Grammar School. We were together in the press club. He was among the brilliant students in his set. He was nicknamed “the Doctor” in his set based on his brilliance, comportment and neatness. In fact, everyone of us thought he was going to read Medicine and Surgery. So, for him to be reading Medical Laboratory Technology, to me, it must be a very good course”.

Dr Raheem enumerated ways he brought AMLSN to visibility from Obscurity. He stated that the National AMLSN House was initiated and brought to the lintel level of the second floor before the end of his tenure as AMLSN President. Another one was the re-presentation of a bill on National Postgraduate College of Medical Laboratory Science (NPCMLS) at the House of Representatives. He mentioned his visit to the then Inspector General of Police, Mr Solomon Arase, on the entry points for our colleagues into the police force.

To him, his media engagement and relationship with other professional groups gave the Association the needed visibility.

Among the Guests present at the occasion were, Prof Babatunde Lawal Salako, the Director General of NIMR, Prof J. G. Damen, AMLSN National President, Mr, Femi Adebo, AMLSN first Vice President, Representative of the MLSCN Registrar, Dr Akinwale Akinlabi, Prof K. S. Oyedeji, Mr Offutalu. P. Nnamdi, Pa Idris Saliu, Mrs Chinedum Oparaugo, Dr Mrs Ahmed, Dr Muibi AMLSN National Secretary, Adekoya Abimbola Julius Chairman GMLD Lagos Branch, Chief Bona Nlemadim and the host Chapter Chairman,Mr Samuel Akindele.

The program ended with an award presentations to Dr . T. Y. Raheem, Prof Babatunde Lawal Salako and Prof J. G. Damen. Call Mr Akindele on 08037170057 or Mr Ebenezer Odewale 08033274989 to order for the copy of the book, “Visibility from Obscurity: The MLS and I (A Professional Account of TYR).


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